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Have you ever met a Pink Avocet?

First thing this morning I received an email from Pink Avocet.
They were introducing themselves as we are both taking
 stands at the RNLI fair at Port Regis in Dorset at the end of October.

It seemed like a good opportunity for some PLOOMING. 
(PLOOMING: verb, to handwrite a message in ink and photograph it)
 Larger companies have social media departments, creative directors and 
commission photographers for these projects. 
At PLOOMS on a Tuesday morning - there was me in my pyjamas.

This is how it went:
1. Have idea ...I think we have a picture of an avocet somewhere ....
 2. Into office, where is my pen? Down stairs with camera and message

3. What a BEAUTIFUL day ...but it is cold ...why isn't the heating on ...
Not the bloody boiler again!

4. Lose message behind the back of cupboard, retrieve and dust off
5. Take photos
6. Download, edit and airdrop to ipad ...or I would if it was working
7. Email photo ... camera away ...where's the lens cap?
8. Need coffee, and might as well unload dishwasher as I'm here

9. Find lens cap in the sink ... I swear it walked there
10. Play with pic stitch (if you don't have this App - get it NOW, - it's fun)
11. Send photo.
PLOOMS fountain pens

 I never knew spontaneity took this long!

As I was typing this blog a message pinged on my phone, 
which immediately called for some more personal PLOOMING. 
My friend Jo, who is 34 and has two little girls has a really aggressive form of cancer. 
The message was from her hospital bed. 
After months of hideous chemo she is in remission.
Jo is a self confessed pessimist. I am an optomist. My friends call me Doris.  
(Ms Day has nothing on me when it comes to looking on the bright side and 
decorating with gingham reindeers at Christmas. 
And yes, I really do have them.)

So when Jo told me about the nine months of treatment, 
hair loss and overall misery she was facing into, 
all I could think to do was create the Doris list.

1. Nine months is how long it takes to cook a new baby (with a lot of nausea and pain on the way). Nine months is how long it is going to take to give you a new life. A new life for you without pain and misery.

2. In nine months you have to have about 12 treatments. My friend had just had 6 and was only sick once. So on that basis, you may only be sick twice.

3. Keeping out of the way of sick people after your treatment means you don’t have to go to other people’s childrens parties for nine months. 

4. Being good and doing what the Drs say means your HAVE to take it easy and rest for nine months

5. You have always wanted to know what it is like to be a blonde …and a red head

6. You may not be able to do all the physical rushing around but sometimes what the girls are most happy with is a cuddle and having you listening to stories about their day

7. Dads and their daughters are a magical combination

8. Have you watched all the episodes of Mad Men, Suits and House of Cards?

9. Everything you are worrying about will still all be here in nine months time. 
Nothing is so urgent it can’t be put off.

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