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PLOOMS goes the races

Well, we did not see any horses, but we were at Cheltenham Racecourse. 
PLOOMS were exhibiting at the Christmas (yes already!) Fashion and Gift Fair.
This is our stand. 

And these are our neighbours.
 The Carved Angel kept me fed.
I strongly recommend their Apple Strudel Christmas Pudding - Inspired!
Orange PLOOMS fountain pen
And I loved Lazy Lizards' ethically produced toys from a family in Sri Lanka.
This is when barter comes into its own. One Purple PLOOM for Jules who 
sells their toys in the UK, some mice and a frilled neck lizard for me! 

My husband did point out that lizards eat mice, so if I can't find those 
mice when it comes to Christmas eve ...

On my travels around the fair (It is like Eastenders, you ask people to 
mind your stall whilst you go for the tea run), I spotted this beautiful china 
from a couple who travel to Provence to buy the things that they like. 
(La Belle Provence). 
I don't think they have a website but if anyone does know of them
 and they do, let me know and I will add a link.

Next stop is the RNLI Fair at Port Regis in Dorset on 30th and 31st October.
Looking forward to it already.

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