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Why fountain pens are like flowers

Pink PLOOMS fountain pen
Pink PLOOMS Fountain pen
Are fountain pens really like flowers?
It may seem that I have just pulled these two thoughts together as it gives 
me an excuse to photograph flowers. 

You may well think that.
But I could not possibly comment.
Well here goes ...
You have the colours for a start. 
If I am lucky enough to have flowers on my desk or in my hand, I want them
to be glorious. I want pink anemones, orange proteas and red parrot tulips.
 I definitely don't want sensible, dull blooms. 
I feel the same about my PLOOMS, why have a black or burgundy fountain pen 
when you can have a colour that makes you smile every time you use it?
Orange Pink fountain pens
Pink & Orange PLOOMS fountain pens
The other way flowers and fountain pens are alike, is that they both 
like to be kept upright.
After all we don't put flowers head first into a vase.
PLOOMS feel the same way. If they are not busy writing they like 
to be upright. If they are stored upside down, not only are they dizzy,
 but the ink settles in the nib and dries there. 
(This is easy to fix by running the nib under a tap, but can be a bit annoying.)
The best thing is to keep your fountain pen on your desk in a pot, 
a mug or even a vase  - and in your bag put it upright in a side pocket
 or mobile phone holder. 
Purple PLOOMS fountain pen
Purple PLOOMS fountain pen
This PLOOM is lying down, but it is just sleeping 
- resting in its presentation box, 
waiting for the cartridge to be fitted and to get PLOOMING!

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