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A PLOOMING big thank you!

Christmas is a time to say Thank you. 
I want to thank the wonderful women who inspired 
PLOOMS fountain pens range of colours. 
Purple PLOOMS fountain pen
PLOOMS purple fountain pen
 Florist, writer and fellow gin & tonic drinker inspired
Miss Pickering Purple PLOOM.
(Likes to write cards and notes about flowers)
Find her wonderful shop in Stamford, Lincolnshire.
Green PLOOMS fountain pen
PLOOMS green fountain pen
 Zoologist, film-maker, tree climber and eldest daughter Alex 
was the inspiration for my Green PLOOM.
(Likes to travel and write journals)
Orange PLOOMS fountain pen
PLOOMS orange fountain pen
 Mrs Wood is the primary school teacher we would have all
liked to have. She is the inspiration behind the Orange PLOOM.
(Likes to take the register and do sums)
Red PLOOMS fountain pen
PLOOMS red fountain pen
Project manager and super organised Mrs Oliver has a secret.
Mrs Oliver has a passion for red heels.
(Her PLOOM takes mediculous notes during the day, but at 
night writes like to write love letters)
Pink PLOOMS fountain pen
PLOOMS pink fountain pen
Libby Page Pink was inspired by my daughter Libby who 
is author of the book Love Pink. Libby is also a campaigner
for Interns to be paid.
(Her PLOOM likes to sign books, and write manifestos and recipes
- well even campaigners like to bake!)