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This Pink PLOOMS fountain pen is thinking of you

If I have flowers and fountain pens, I am a happy woman. 
Pink PLOOMS fountain pen
Happy Pink PLOOMS fountain pen 
So a day spent working at Sprout & Flower 
on Valentine's Day was my kind of day.

It was an early start, and digging out my thermals and stumbling around
 the bedroom in the dark reminded me of my days running a flower shop in London.
 Do I miss it? Yes in some ways, but not that bit!
 What I do miss is the window a flower shop gives you get into a community. 
As a florist you are privileged to be a part of someone's life for a few moments.
 It may be a bride who is receiving flowers from her VERY excited husband to be, 
or a man who is buying flowers for his wife who has just had her last chemotherapy treatment. Or the  woman who is having flowers delivered to her husband who is a chef and working flat out this Valentine's Day.


My favourite and most poignant job though, was to tie numbered tags to a dozen red roses. The girls in the shop had worked out that the customer had been sending his wife roses for 61 years and they counted them up for him. He thought it would be fun to number them. Sadly his wife is very ill and we are not sure how many more he will be able to send her, but it made these Ruby Rose blooms particularly special.
Red PLOOMS fountain pen

During the morning I over heard a phone call from a customer called 'Billy' - for a moment I did think it might be my husband but the girls talked about this Billy and his wife like old friends, - their family and dogs. Which fooled me completely. As I was leaving I was about to buy some flowers and Sarah, who runs Sprout & Flower, said you don't need flowers. When I started to protest (of course I needed flowers!) she said "No, I mean you REALLY don't need flowers",  and handed me a huge bouquet of pink roses, tulips and astrantia from Billy.

Perfect end to a perfect day.

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