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Why Fountain Pens are like Flowers

A pink fountain pen and a pink rose might not seem to have much in common. 
Pink PLOOMS fountain pen
Pink PLOOMS fountain pen
But they do both like to be kept upright. 
Bit like myself!
That is why we are now selling pen pots at 
Pink and Orange PLOOMS fountain pens
Pink & Orange PLOOMS fountain pens
When a fountain pen is kept with its nib facing downwards, ink will inevitably
 gather in the nib and this can then cause problems as it dries there. 
Orange, pink and Red PLOOMS fountain pens
Keep your PLOOM upright and it will be a lot happier.
Green PLOOMS fountain pen
And for the PLOOMS I keep in my handbag - I put these upright in 
the same pocket as I put my mobile phone.
Multi-coloured PLOOMS fountain pens
If your fountain pen is not writing because it has dried out simply run it under a tap. 
This is also a good tip with peonies if they are tightly shut and you want 
them to open. Sometimes a sticky sap is covering the peony heads 
and needs to be washed away. 
 There you go, PLOOMS and BLOOMS all in one post!
PLOOMS fountain pens
PLOOMS fountain pens

PILLOW POST: This fountain pen wants to share a secret!

As founder of PLOOMS fountain pens I was introduced to Molly and Harriet Freshwater of The Secret Linen Store when we were all chosen by Julie Deane of the Cambridge Satchel Co as "female entrepreneurs to watch in 2015" 
(No pressure then!)
PLOOMS pink fountain pen
 However when we met we found we had more in common than a love of business (and a love of beautiful bed linen and fountain pens), we also discovered we were all mothers. Molly and Harriet's children are still toddling and at school, where as my girls are now living and working in Bristol and London.
Purple PLOOMS fountain pen
 It was at this point that I shared with Harriet and Molly one of my best tips; Pillow Post. A perfect idea to pass on from a women who has designed her own range of fountain pens to women who design bed linen!

There are times you want to say something special to your children, or they may want to send their mum a personal message. This is the time for Pillow Post. My daughters and I used to write to each other and put the letters under each others' pillows. It might be a ‘Love you Mum, or thank you” on Mothers’ Day, or sometimes as teenagers they would confide their worries via Pillow Post. What made this special was that is was secret – we didn’t have to talk about what was written. 
Red PLOOMS fountain pen
 With a company called The Secret Linen Store, Harriet and Molly loved the idea. “Pillows are places for dreams and secrets, they offer a refuge from your worries – pillows seemed to us to be the perfect place for post!”

Interestingly since our conversation we have found research that says 80% of teenage girls say that they find it difficult to say some things face to face with their mums and 62% say they would find it easier to write it in a letter. 
Orange PLOOMS fountain pen
Psychologist, Dr Caroline Mann, explains why she thinks this is the case “I have had the great good fortune to spend time with countless numbers of young people.  As I know only too well, growing up is tough and beset with physical and emotional challenges.  Teenagers often find it hard to actually talk about things that worry them – however big or small.  As a result they can feel very alone and the worries proliferate and loom larger in their minds. Writing one’s worries and thoughts down onto paper – knowing that the note will be read and answered, would be incredibly comforting for any age.  Nothing is actually said, but a wealth of information, love and understanding is conveyed and the worry is eased or evaporates entirely"
Green PLOOMS fountain pen

Together with The Secret Linen Store, PLOOMS is taking the opportunity on Mothers' Day to pass on the idea of Pillow Post to others.  There is something special about a letter (written in ink of course!), it is more considered than a text and it will last forever. My daughters are now grown up but I still treasure all their Pillow Post.

So if you like the idea, please pass it on!

This Purple PLOOMS fountain pen loves its Mum!

Purple PLOOM fountain pen
Purple PLOOMS fountain pen
 With Mother's Day approaching it is time to send a card, a letter 
- or a purple fountain pen!
(And don't you love these new stamps issued by the Post Office?!)
Pink PLOOMS fountain pen
Pink PLOOMS fountain pen
My Mum's favourite colour PLOOM was Libby Page Pink.
(named after her granddaughter - who once spent all week dressed
 head to toe in pink, and is author of the book, Love Pink).
This was the colour PLOOM my Dad bought for her when we started our business. 
Orange PLOOMS fountain pen
Orange PLOOMS fountain pen
Sadly my Mum died the Christmas before last but I remember her through the many letters she wrote to me. 
But, as anyone who has lost their mum will know, 
Mother's Day will be very hard without her.
Green PLOOMS fountain pen
Green PLOOMS fountain pen
 The pain is eased by having two daughters who make a fuss of me on Mother's Day. 
(These are girls who really understand how much I love cards and letters!)
Red PLOOMS fountain pen
Red PLOOMS fountain pen (and friend!)
So, I would strongly recommending writing to your Mum, what ever the occasion.
Or even if there is no occasion at all!
Green PLOOMS fountain pen
Green PLOOMS fountain pen