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Why Fountain Pens are like Flowers

A pink fountain pen and a pink rose might not seem to have much in common. 
Pink PLOOMS fountain pen
Pink PLOOMS fountain pen
But they do both like to be kept upright. 
Bit like myself!
That is why we are now selling pen pots at 
Pink and Orange PLOOMS fountain pens
Pink & Orange PLOOMS fountain pens
When a fountain pen is kept with its nib facing downwards, ink will inevitably
 gather in the nib and this can then cause problems as it dries there. 
Orange, pink and Red PLOOMS fountain pens
Keep your PLOOM upright and it will be a lot happier.
Green PLOOMS fountain pen
And for the PLOOMS I keep in my handbag - I put these upright in 
the same pocket as I put my mobile phone.
Multi-coloured PLOOMS fountain pens
If your fountain pen is not writing because it has dried out simply run it under a tap. 
This is also a good tip with peonies if they are tightly shut and you want 
them to open. Sometimes a sticky sap is covering the peony heads 
and needs to be washed away. 
 There you go, PLOOMS and BLOOMS all in one post!
PLOOMS fountain pens
PLOOMS fountain pens

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